What Is It?

The early history of this rapidly growing church can be traced as far back as 1843 when the Alfred Saker of the English Baptist Missionaries Society started work in Fernandopo, which is today and integral part of the Republic of Equitorial Guinea. However, the direct lineage of the PCC dates back to the 23rd December 1886 with the arrival of the Basel Missionaries. And on the 13th November 1957 in Bali of the North West Province of Cameroon, the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon was born and the 1st Synod was constituted. As is the case with any organization with the zeal to succeed, there must be an authority (a governing body) to oversee its affairs.

The Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon is the supreme governing body of the Community of Christians called The Presbyterian Church In Cameroon. Its 1st elected Officials were elected in 1958 in the persons of Rev. A. Ngole and Rev. A. Su, as Moderator and Synod Clerk respectively.

Today, the Seat of the Synod is located in Buea, the Provincial head quarters of the South West Province of Cameroon. It houses the Office of the Moderator (Elected Offical), the Office of the Synod Clerk (Elected Official), Financial Secretary (Appointed Official), Communication Secretary (Appointed Official), Health Services Secretary (Appointed Official), Development Secretary (Appointed Official) and its subsidiary office-Projects Office, Education Secretary (Appointed), the Office of the Archivist (Appointed), Office of the Treasurer (Appointed), Accounts Officer (Appointed), Office of the Auditor (Appointed Official), and the Office of the newly created IT Centre PCC (Appointed Official).


Moderator of the PCC Synod Clerk of the PCC Financial Secretary of the PCC

Communication Secretary of the PCC

Health Services Secretary of the PCC

Development Secretary of the PCC

Education Secretary of the PCC

Project Officer of the PCC

Archivist of the PCC

Treasurer of the PCC

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Accountant of the PCC


Auditor of the PCC

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site map Office of the Moderator Secreteriat Synod Office Administration Financial Administration Department of Communication Department of Health Department for Development Department of Education Project Development Office PCC Central Archives & Library Centre

Under the diferent departmental and Service heads of the Synod Office are a vibrant support staff. The support staff acting like one invincible force operate in various capacities as: Administrative Assistants, Office Clerks, Cashiers, Accounts Clerks, Journalists, Secretaries, Technitians, Receptionists, Drivers and Runners...

Photo of Synod Office Staff

Life At The Synod Office

Life at the Synod Office begins at 7:30 AM every day from Monday to Friday every week. Mondays usually begin with an assembly of all staff in the prayer room for devotion. Staff communion with God every Mondays and Fridays of the week is an indispensable activity that guarantees a successful working week.

Presbyterian Church in Cameroon
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