The National office for Women's work is home to the National Secretary for Women's Work. She is the head of the Women's Work Department and coordinates its activities. She ensures relations with other Departmentss of the Church, with other Churches and organizations at home and abroad. She in collaboration with the National Committtee oversees the entire department.

Activities of The Fellowship

  • Weekly meetings are held at the congregational level to study the Bible and worship God. Political, social and economic empowerment is also done.
  • Carry out visits to hospitals, prisons, orphanages and to the aging and sick. etc.
  • The women at all levels are involved in evangelisation, literacy drive, counseling etc.
  • At the Congrgational level, the women the women take part in the fellowship of the Least Coin, an internationally coordinated prayer conducted once every month, and also in the celebration of the International World Day of Prayer (WDP), every first Friday of March. Zonal leaders also organize the celebration of WDP ecumenically with the Baptist, Catholic and Anglican women.
  • Meetings and Conferences are held every year at all levels to assess the work done and for general education and training.
  • The department produces material to create awareness on Gender/HIV AIDS issues and lnik women in this regard to NGOs that train them on the general principles of women empowerment, and also empower them socially, economically and politically.
  • The department plans, implements, monitors and evaluates (PIME) Projects. Also holds annual training workshops for Christian Leaderss and Pastors' wives, follow up in-service training, attend seminars, symposia and laise with other women associations, NGOs, other Departments of the Church, nationally and internationally.


  • Congregational Level
    • Groups run Hostels, small farms and gardens, catering services and other common initiatives to finance their groups and care for needy children, widows and orphans and other humanitarian activities.
    • The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon runs Church Centres that house Women Centres where Retreats, Seminars and courses are organized.

  • Joint Programmes with other Churches
    • Fellowship of the Least Coin Prayer
    • International World Day of Prayer
    • Christain Home and Family Life Prayer
    • Orther Ecumenical Seminars and Prayers

    Way Forward

  • Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Christian Women Fellowship Movement in the year 2011.
  • Foster Socio - economic development of women
  • Promote ecumenism - Cameroon will produce the World Day of Prayer Liturgy in the year 2010

Name of Staff Position/Office Phone Number E-mail Address
Mrs. Ngeh Beatrice Vufung National Secretary - WWD 771-88-98 natsecwwdpcc2004@yahoo.com
Mrs. Chofor Catherine Provincial Secretary-NWP 777-80-34 camucho2002@yahoo.com
Mrs. Ewang Rose D. Provincial Secretary-SWP 756-13-01 women'swork@yahoo.com
Mrs. Ntumngia C.B. Gana Provincial Secretary-East Mungo 757-90-66 dept4wwdemp@yahoo.com
Mrs. Kum Jose Manka'a Programme Officer-SWP 736-17-00 --------------------
Ms. Florence Yerima Kinyuy Programme Officer-NWP 735-62-86 --------------------
Mrs. Suh Julie Ngum Administrative Assistant-NWP 510-37-84 --------------------
Ms. Bingwa Destiny Ndifor Administrative Assistant-NO 746-6408 bndifor@yahoo.com
Mrs. Takang Esther Administrative Assistant-SWP 998-31-26 --------------------
Ms. Awah Nilly Bih Administrative Assistant-NO 919-38-96 awahnilly@yahoo.com
Ms. Tayong Bih Administrative Assistant-EMP 592-37-29 --------------------
Mr. Nfonguh Titus Driver, WWD, National Office 773-36-04 --------------------
Mr. Akame John Driver, WWD-SWP 582-81-81 --------------------
Mr. Nganu Nixon Driver, WWD-NWP 558-82-91 --------------------
Mr. Ndangoh David Duna Yardman, WWD, National Office 526-66-80 --------------------